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    Getting Started With Electrum Wallet

    According to our Electrum wallet reviews, this wallet can be downloaded easily and installed within a few minutes. The installation wizard of Electrum takes the user through a step-by-step process by making it easier even for nontechnical people. When the wallet is set up, it is easy to use, and the trader can start using it immediately.

    Here are the few steps to get started with Electrum wallet:-

    • The first step is to download the Electrum wallet from the Electrum website. It can be downloaded for Windows, Linux, Mac, or Android.
    • When it is downloaded, users should click install, and the installation wizard will do the setup. The users might get an option to choose between a 2 factor authentication wallet, standard wallet, and multi-signature wallet, etc.
    • Multi-signature wallets and two-factor authentication wallets may require some additional steps to complete the process.
    • The next step is the user will be asked if they would like to create a new seed or restore a wallet with an existing seed. Also, the user can set up a hardware wallet in this step.
    • On creating a new seed, the users are shown a 12-word recovery seed. The user should note this for future references.
    • When the user has stored their recovery seed, they will be prompted to create a strong password. Now, the Electrum wallet is ready to use.
    • Add Cryptocurrencies to Electrum Wallet
    • When the user receives the Bitcoin payment, they can transfer the Bitcoin to their Electrum wallet. This can be carried out by locating the Bitcoin receiving address through the receive tab seen on Electrum.

      Buy Bitcoin on Electrum Wallet

      As per the Electrum wallet reviews, Electrum does not support buying or selling of cryptocurrencies. It is a simple and easy-to-use wallet that is designed to store BTC safely. The user can buy Bitcoin from another exchange and add them to their Electrum wallet.